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In 2016, Bishop Thomas, myself and the members of the West End Baptist Church purchased a house directly across the street from our church with faith that we would create an affordable shared living space for disabled veterans. We have named the house “Victory House”. We have been able to do the necessary repairs and construction to make the home inhabitable as additional finances have come into the ministry. Last year, the entire house was rewired, all new windows, new plumbing and a new air conditioner unit were installed (the previous AC unit was stolen). The home also has two bathrooms with new showers. Each time our funds have been depleted; the restoration would stop. In September, we decided to move forward with the plans for restoring the home and getting the house opened to area vets as soon as possible. We prayed and God moved! In just 3 weeks we have had the roof replaced, new sheetrock installed, and an additional room added bringing the total number of guest rooms to five. The location of our church, 3 miles from the Hampton VA hospital, puts us in position to conveniently house recovering veterans, shuttle them to appts at the VA, and meet their spiritual needs.

At this phase in our efforts to create this shared living space, we are having carpet, flooring and new light fixtures installed. We have only used outside workers for the wiring, roof and sheetrock installation; all other work has been done by a small working group from the church. We are very proud of our hard work and encouraged that we will have this home ready before the winter months.

Here is where you can help! We are asking our family and friends to donate to something larger than themselves. We need all major appliances, beds, dressers, nightstands, desks, toilets and bathroom vanities. We ask that you please consider a monetary donation or donating a specific item to Victory House! No donation is too small. We are grateful for every donation and your donation will be tax deductible.

Whether you are a veteran, know a veteran or simply care about helping those who have served our country, we pray that you are as excited as we are about Victory House!

Thank you in advance for your gift!