Getting Into S.H.A.P.E Tip #2 (Starting Point)


Welcome West End Family and Friends. We are back for another
installment of Getting Into S.H.A.P.E. and if we remember from last time,
SHAPE stands for Starting point, Health, Ambition, Physical activity and
Eating habits. By now, the excitement of the promises made towards our
New Year’s Resolution of the Perfect Summer Body has started to
diminish due to the fact that it just seems like it is going to take TOO
LONG to reach our goals. To that I say, just hold on and trust the process
! Hopefully these installments will be just enough to keep you going until
the warmer weather starts to show itself and when it does, you’ll be
Glad you you remained consistent during the winter !


So let’s deal a little with “S” today which is Starting Point. By now you
should have talked with your doctor and he or she should have given
you a list of your limitations and or restrictions. Now, if your list looks
like a Grocery List, don’t worry or get discouraged. There are always
variations of the standard exercises you can do. For example, instead ofImage result for starting point
taking a High Impact Aerobics Class, you may need to try Low Impact or
even Water Aerobics, something easier on your joints. Instead of
Running, you may need to simply start with Walking. Remember the
saying, “you have to crawl before you walk”… Well, sometimes you have
to Walk before you Run. This allows you to build up the strength and
endurance before taking on that run. Let’s just say that you are “Walking
By Faith”. Another consideration is instead of working out with Weights,
you may just have to start with your own Body Weight as resistance.
This process allows some of the connective tissue like tendons and
ligaments to strengthen before we tax our muscles with added weight.
Keep in mind, the idea is to get started. Its not always about how you
start, but rather how you finish. Starting out with too much too soon can
lead to injuries that will only lengthen the time it takes to get to where
you want to be. Remember to start with Realistic goals. If you are not
sure what realistic is, just pay attention to the person’s face when you
show them the outfit you plan to wear to church in 2 weeks because you
will be doing the announcements ! All jokes aside, its not to say that you
can not achieve what you believe and are trusting God for, but lets not
put your mustard seed sized faith into an outfit of the same size and
expect a miracle ! It takes patients and consistency. So if you have not
abandoned your goals and resolution, then you are on your way !

Make sure you check back often for more tips and information about
health concerns. Feel free to submit any questions you may have and
we will be sure to answer.
Speak It Into Existence…… Together WE will be Healthy !