Holiday Cheer

The Reason for the Season

Love is the ultimate reason for our elaborate holiday spirit. However, when you are off trimming your tree, buying presents, and decorating for your house guest, take a moment and reflect on the true reason for the season. Jesus personal sacrifice for us was the ultimate display of love. He should be the reason we give thanks this time of year. So, instead of spending money spend time with each other. Instead of wrapping gift wrap your arms around the people you cherish. Give the ultimate gift of love during this holiday season.

A Family that Prays together can Play together

In great West End fashion we would like to share our holiday cheer with you. From friendly fellowship to the gift exchange this December showed our love towards one another proving that a family that prays together can definitely play together. Take a look at our church family participating in Preach preacher Preach. A game where they could only use the lyrics from a well known Christmas carol to preach their sermons. Enjoy!

Rudolph the red nose Reindeer 

This Christmas

Oh! What a Wonderful Child

Frosty the Snowman

Jingle Bells